What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. It’s a specialty steel has no harm to the human body.316L is the best model among all steels. It has the same luster and texture with titanium. Its strength and corrosion resistance only slightly lose titanium more than one chip. But there is no titanium in its composition. So it’s cheap.

Known for coldness texture and eternity bright, stainless steel is widely used. Its features: resistant to acid and alkali, no fading, anti-allergic, hard, no distortion, bright. It’s mostly used in medicine, luxury, expensive watches, pens, industry and so on. Because of its first-rate, stainless steel has also been widely used in the jewelry industry in recent years. Stainless steel jewelry is gaining popularity with changes of people’s aesthetic needs because of its corrosion resistance, thermostability and high hardness. It won’t be oxidized with long time wearing. Regardless of the passage of time, it’s there cold and unique, never change. White metal monopolized the popularity ripple in this era. Alloy will fade because of a layer of shallow bright plating on the surface.  Bright plating will fall off after one time. Only the appearance with defects is left. But our stainless steel still retains the original color and brightness no matter how you wear. He still exudes the cold white light and insists its timeless persistence.

From all the characteristics, the stainless steel is the most suitable metal to show the animated courage. Its surface will not change because of the environment. It can be shiny and smooth even with long time wearing. Meanwhile, the metallic luster of stainless steel is similar with platinum, not only elegant, but also modern. The elegance, White and cold luster it exudes definitely double your charm. And the maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel jewelry are very easy. Even there no needs to do the maintenance deliberately just not in the acid, alkali environment. Simple and random is the unique characteristic of stainless steel jewelry.

Post time:Mar-09-2021